Let’s talk about what no one is talking about.

When we are younger, there is a stigma against asking our parental figures about how much money they make, financial Freedom and wealth management, and how to prioritize spending money. Like the “birds & the bees” conversation, it’s an uncomfortable subject that most parents deliberately choose to ignore. Why? Because it’s easier than trying to explain something that you might not fully understand yourself.

And we sure aren’t getting the guidance from other resources. In school, we are taught about the 8 planets (which used to be 9 - poor Pulto) and where they orbit in relation to the sun. We learn about why a ball drops at a certain velocity, and how two chemicals mixed together will explode. But do you know what we don’t talk about? Taxes. Budgeting. Money. Financial Freedom and Wealth Management.

adult holding hand of toddler talking about financial freedom and wealth management
At OnPoint we believe that financial freedom and wealth management tools should be afforded and accessible to everyone. The first step in doing this is asking questions and feeling empowered to talk about your financial situation. From the smallest details of what accounts they qualify for, to larger decisions looking decades in the future. No question is insignificant - we want our clients to feel like we’ve empowered them to understand their financial futures.

So let’s break it down, and talk about what no one wants (or knows how to) to talk about:

Taxes: What are they? Why do we pay them? How do we pay them?
Retirement: Am I contributing enough to my company's retirement plan? My company doesn’t have a retirement plan, what do I do now? Is it too late or too early to start saving for retirement?
Debt: How much debt is bad? Is there such a thing as good debt?

Everything we do at OnPoint Financial Management is centered around just this: education. We want our clients to not only thrive and achieve financial success, we want them to understand how they got there and the steps to take to continue being as successful as possible. So let’s start the conversation. What questions do you have? I’m here to help.  Double Click to Edit