Prevent common mistakes people make in saving and in retirement

Mistakes made during the working years:

  1. Not maximizing company match programs and not saving enough
  2. Taking a loan from your retirement plan or cashing out
  3. Not diversifying your investments to match your risk tolerance
  4. Not revisiting and balancing your portfolio
  5. Fear to take action
  6. Not planning for health care cost prior to 65
  7. Going into retirement before you can afford to
  8. Retiring without a retirement road-map

Errors people make in retirement:

  1. Not adjusting to living on a fixed income
  2. Not accounting for inflation. Potentially live 30 plus years in retirement. A 3% average inflation over that time can eat into your lunch.
  3. Overestimating income and underestimating expenses. Standard is 80%, but could be more due to entertainment and travel.
  4. No equity, going too conservative. The older approach of 80/20 or the age formula has changed as people are living longer in retirement and need to have growth in their portfolio.
  5. Applying for Social Security too early
  6. Not working with a retirement financial advisor