Why OnPoint is Different

You're our priority. 

Financial planners at many large wall street firms are handcuffed to offering clients a small selection of funds and products, regardless of how they might perform (or under perform). At OnPoint, we are a team of independent advisors, which means we can assist you with hundreds of different investment options. We pride ourselves on finding the strategy that best suits your needs.
You should be enjoying your retirement, not stressing about it. Our balanced approach to investing will combine a variety of factors, including your goals, age, and risk tolerance to formulate a strategy uniquely customized to you and your family.
Insurance can be put to use in a variety of ways to protect you and your family. Life insurance, long-term care insurance, and income replacement strategies can help your family find peace and security in times of need. Let’s find the best approach for you.
Are you confused about how annuities can help your retirement strategy? We can offer clarity. If you are looking to establish a guaranteed income stream long after you have retired, let us help.

We are with you every step of the way.

The biggest financial blunders often occur when emotion outweighs logic and reason. At the same time, some of the most success in the market comes when volatility is present. We help our clients navigate the uncertain waters of the market by offering sound advice based on a long-term financial strategy. When formulating our client’s individual strategy, we always take into account their age, goals, and risk tolerance.

Our Mission

To help our clients understand, build, and execute their financial goals.

Our Team.

  • Michael A. Todd, CEO
  • Heidi Maestri, COO

We don’t sell, we educate.

Have you ever felt like an advisor was just trying to make a sale? At OnPoint, we reject that pushy philosophy and instead focus on education. We believe the best financial decisions are made when clients are presented with unbiased, trustworthy advice. We build long-term, impact relationships with our clients and that requires honesty and integrity in the guidance we offer.