Helping you understand your journey to financial freedom.

Michael Todd, CEO and Owner of OnPoint Financial Management, serves the community of entrepreneurs through his expertise surrounding financial literacy. From future planning, investments, and understanding how to protect your business as an entrepreneur, Michael works to build confidence through education with his clients to help their money work for them. Additionally, Michael is a money mindset and educational speaker, currently working on a podcast project with his well known influencer and creative entrepreneur network, has sponsored The Beverly Hills Living Magazine in the community he currently resides, and supports those entering the retirement phase of their life.

Speaking Engagements

Michael is known for his in person speaking engagements about financial education and motivational money mindset. His passion for instilling financial literacy in entrepreneurs is prevalent in the community he’s cultivated. If you’re interested in attending one of Michael’s creative entrepreneur brunches or booking him for a speaking engagement; please contact:

Podcast For Entrepreneurs

Michael has extended his passion for finance and public speaking to a podcast collaboration. Join Michael on Season 2 of Beyond the Lens Podcast for informative conversations with some of your favorite influencers and creative entrepreneurs coming fall 2024!


Michael is expanding how he can service the entrepreneur community through creating digital downloadable financial education for entrepreneurs. Coming fall 2024!

Financial Services

Asset Protection Future Planning Retirement Contact:
(323) 243-9129