The most frequently asked questions I get.

Investing our money is something that we all know we should be doing, but many don't know where to start. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I get as an owner of a wealth management firm with over 10+ years of experience:

How do I get started working with a financial advisor? The first thing I do when someone approaches me is to get to know them, understand their goals, and their personal views on money. Usually, this is over a cup of coffee at one of my favorite locally owned shops.

How much money do I need to start working with a financial advisor? There is no set amount of money - you just need something left over at the end of the month after your bills are paid. I love what I do because it affords me the opportunity to work with people of all walks of life: I believe that financial freedom and wealth management tools should be afforded to everyone.

Do you have an investment strategy? Every individual client gets their own personal strategy because every person is unique. I don’t use a broad brush when it comes to my clients - I individually dedicate time and energy to make sure they have exactly what they need to be successful.

What makes OnPoint Financial Management different from other financial advisor firms? From the smallest details of what accounts they qualify for, to larger decisions looking decades in the future. No question is insignificant - we want our clients to feel like we’ve empowered them to understand their financial futures.

If my personal goals change, how will that impact my investments? Our quarterly meetings are both informative about how your investments are doing, and also conversation about your short and long term goals. Of course things will change, and we will pivot accordingly.

Already working with a financial advisor? I am still happy to meet with you. A 30-minute meeting could mean the difference between saving more money for you & your future.  

person creating chart on a notepad next to a calculator